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"The NuBrilliance makes my skin look good and feel smooth. I am always on the go, so I love that this product is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes. I even take it with me when I travel."
- Andrea P, 47 - New York, NY

"I just completed my first NuBrilliance application and I'm very pleased with the reduction in my pore size and the "glow" to my skin. I can't wait to see the results after two months!"
- Linda T, 29 - Chicago, IL

"My skin is smoother and softer, and all my friends keep telling me how great I look…and it was fun and quick to treat myself with NuBrilliance in the privacy of my own home!"
- Ellen W, 62 - New York, NY

"I love this system! It helped to blur the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. My skin looks more youthful and is baby soft to the touch. It's very easy to use and less expensive than going to a doctor's office or a spa."
- Lynda S, 41 - Dallas, TX

"I tried every single at-home microdermabrasion kit for my blemishes and sun spots and those exfoliation creams just did nothing for me. I received the NuBrilliance as a gift and I was really surprised to find that it has real suction power. It made all the difference and the results were evident after the first treatment."
- Jasmin S, 33 - Hoboken, NJ

"As a plastic surgeon, I always discuss with my patients the importance of good skin care . This includes not only the professional skin services available in my office, but also a proper at-home routine. The benefits of professional microdermabrasion are well-established, but many home units simply polish the skin with harsh abrasives. The NuBrilliance is an at-home version of the microdermabrasion machine that I use on my patients. It is ideal because it combines crystal-free abrasion with powerful suction, resulting in the removal of the outer layers of skin cells and the stimulation of new, healthy skin. The NuBrilliance allows people to get the many benefits of professional microdermabrasion, but in the comfort of their own home."
- Dr. Matthew Schulman, board certified plastic surgeon, New York, NY

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*NuBrilliance™ is the revolutionary at-home microdermabrasion that uses a dual action system to stimulate and exfoliate in one easy step. Today, we're offering three different 30-day trial offers for NuBrilliance™. At the end of the 30 days, you may either purchase the NuBrilliance™ or return it at no extra charge. Either way, the 3-piece Prep & Recovery skincare regimen is yours to keep as our gift to you for trying this amazing product.

Option 1 - ULTIMATE PACKAGE, BEST SAVINGS! NuBrilliance™ Ultimate 30-Day Trial* will include the at home dual action microdermabrasion system, the 3 Step Prep & Recovery System, a specialty non-abrasive Plumping Tip for lips and eyebrows and a specialty large Coarse Body Tip for larger areas of your body for just $14.95 + FREE S&H then just 3 easy payments of $99.95.

Option 2 - NuBrilliance™ Basic 30-Day Trial** will include the at home dual action microdermabrasion system and the 3 Step Prep & Recovery System for just $14.95 + FREE S&H then just 3 easy payments of $79.95.

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